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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams

Hello, I'm Travis and if you've met me you understand my affinity with Batman. I have no official association with Time Warner or DC besides a few side projects, just a big fan and I wear it proud.


I grew up in Baltimore, MD where I was given early exposure to the music and arts. Drawing was my first passion which grew into a love of musical performance, acting, and visual design.


Since 2011 my daily grind involves creating unique visual and auditory experiences for clients, companies, family, friends, and especially.....me. I love what I do, and I love being able to take all of my creative abilities and apply them to one or more forms of multi-media outlets.


I have the skills to take an idea and develop an infrastructure to support it's visual representation.

I started my professional career as a Marketing Director and slowly transitioned my skills into working as an independent media contractor. I've been privileged to work on the east and west coast with a variety of clients producing Videos, Websites, and Designs. I've produced and composed for a variety of different companies that have a variety of specialty markets. I have the ability to market on multiple social platforms and maintain relevance through analytical data. I'm honored to have the ability to create, share, influence, entertain, and inspire. I look forward to indulging in any of the aforementioned with you.

My art education began at Archbishop Curley high where my passion for the arts/music was solidified. I also took visual arts courses during my upperclassmen highschool years at MICA (Maryland Institute College of the Arts). My first professional look into the world of media was with an internship at Firaxis games. I attended college at Wilkes University and FIU (Florida International University) while also participating in internships at WBRE news station and Pixar studios.


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    Travis Davis

    Integrative Media Specialist

    Hello, I'm Travis and I'm an Integrative Media Specialist from Baltimore, MD. All the projects you see listed were created using multiple design programs. With experience and creativity I'm able to merge all of my skills into a variety of different mediums.  My goal is to efficiently use resources new and old to create a unique visual/auditory translation of an idea.